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New Six Week Worship Series
Starting, Sunday, September 17
At 8:00 or 10:30 am


Our country and our community have seen a dramatic rise in mental health challenges including depression, anxiety, suicide, relationship issues, and addiction. Numerous professions are working to help the healing in our community including governments, schools, social services, and mental health professionals. And the faith community has something to offer as well. Many of the foundations of faith like grace, community, hope, forgiveness, prayer, and joy are documented to be helpful. Faith can't fix mental health challenges, but it can be extremely helpful, in the same way that first aid treatments can assist the body in healing. We very much hope you can attend this series and be blessed by these "Faith Aid" topics!

September 17:  Grace

September 24:  Faith

October 1:  Serenity

October 8:  Joy

October 15:  Community

October 22:  Forgiveness

We are also proud to offer these two workshops during this series:  

Sun, Oct 1 @ 11:45 am:  Question, Persuade and Refer Suicide Prevention Training offered by the Chester County Suicide Prevention Taskforce with a light lunch provided. So we have enough materials and food provided, please sign up here

Sun, Oct 15 @ 11:45 am:  Resilience Movie (check out the trailer here) and discussion offered by Chelsea Melrath from the Chester County Health Department with a light lunch provided. So we have enough materials and food provided, please sign up here

Below you also find resources that mental health professionals have collected and offered to help in your growth in mental health! (This page continues to grow. Feel free to offer any you've found particularly helpful.)

Mental Health Resource

​Getting Immediate Help

Online Resources

Books, Articles and Other Resources


Resource Websites

Local Counseling and Resources

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