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Children and Youth Clearances


St. Paul's Lutheran Church Youth and Protection Policies and Procedures are in place:

  • So that we have taken appropriate steps to protect against child abuse and be accountable for the safety of each child in our programs with respect to child abuse and reporting. 

  • So the program staff and volunteer structure promotes the hiring of trustworthy workers, excellent supervision of children and training to prevent the opportunity for child or other abuse to occur

  • So people working in St. Paul’s Youth Program promote warranted reporting and are not placed in situations where the likelihood of unwarranted accusations could occur. They are equipped to appropriately address either through proper internal and external structures.

  •  So that we are in compliance with all Pennsylvania State laws and regulations.  If there is any area where St. Paul’s YPPP is in conflict with Pennsylvania State law, then the laws shall be followed unless St Paul’s YPPP is requiring a stricter requirement on our volunteers and staff.

How to Obtain Clearances for the Youth Protection Policy:
Important Information for Adults Who Work with Youth 
at St. Matthew’s and St. Paul’s

Under the policies of both St. Matthew’s and St. Paul’s, clearances for individuals who are defined as Youth Workers must be renewed every five years.  Here is what is required of all volunteers that meet this definition:

  1. A completed Commonwealth of Pennsylvania criminal background check, as provided by the Pennsylvania State Police.  Go to and select “New Volunteer Record Check”.  Completing the online process gets the quickest results and will usually provide you with an electronic copy of your report that is e-mail to you within minutes.  Note that individuals who are requesting a record check for volunteer purposes may receive one report free of charge every three years.

  2. A child abuse clearance report provided by Childline.  Go to  Again, it is recommended that you use the online submission option, as you will get your results far more quickly than through the mail.  The cost for this  report for volunteer purposes is also free.
    Completed clearances should be submitted to Craig Miller, Youth and Family Ministry Director of St. Paul’s and St. Matthew’s.  If you are uncertain whether your clearances are current or if they need to be renewed, please contact either Paula Reese, Administrative Assistant at St. Matthew’s, or Cari Kramer, Parish Administrator at St. Paul’s.

  3. An FBI fingerprint criminal record check.  Go to for instructions on how and where you can go to be fingerprinted.  This process does involve a cost (currently $22.60), and reports may take two weeks or more to be received through the mail.  Keep this in mind if you need this report before an upcoming youth event in which you are planning to participate. The code it will ask for is:  1KG6ZJ (This third requirement may be waived if you have been a Pennsylvania resident for at least the past ten years; this exemption and attestation form must be printed and completed instead.)

If you have previously obtained these clearances for another institution or organization, such as for employment, youth coaching, Scouting, etc., you may submit these documents to satisfy the requirements of our Youth Protection Policies as long as the clearances are no more than one year old.  Any clearances that were completed more than a year prior to being presented to St. Matthew’s or St. Paul’s cannot be accepted under current church policy.

Youthworker Application

Additionally, one other form is required, a youthworker application. You can download this here. It is a fillable PDF form which can then be printed and signed.

Thank you so very much for your willingness to serve the children and youth of St. Paul's and for completing the required clearances!

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