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Welcome to
St. Paul's

Thanks for checking out the webpage because St. Paul's exists to bless people including you and yours!


St. Paul's is a historic church having existed in Lionville/Exton since 1838. However, we're also a church constantly evolving, growing and moving in new directions as God leads. We hope this might include you.


Please check out the welcome video below from our Pastor and at the bottom fill out the "Plan a Visit" form and we'll be ready for you when you can be our guest. We also recognize in this connected world that you might live far from St. Paul's, but we'd still be glad to help you grow in faith.

What to Expect at St. Paul's

Here are some things you'll likely experience at St. Paul's:

  • Friendly people who are genuinely glad you're here!

  • A variety in age, race, faith background, income and how things are going. We believe our variety makes us stronger.

  • A casual atmosphere where you "come as you are" with the chance to be "all that God wants you to be!"

  • A chance to explore faith, no matter what that means for you.

  • We are a church, which simply means we believe that together we can support each other and be used by God more powerfully than if each of us were trying to figure it out and be a blessing individually.

  • We are a Lutheran church, a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, which means we come from that historical tradition of the church. One thing Lutherans are proud of is a tradition based in grace, the free gift of God's love!

St. Paul's Beliefs

On some church websites you'll find a list of the things they believe about God, Jesus, the Bible and many other things, and we definitely have some of those things. But truth be told, many times it seems like a test, "Now make sure you believe these things, if you want to come to this church!" We come at it from the other direction, "What do you believe and where do you want to go with God?" We want to know because we want to help you get there! (However, if you are the kind of person who really gets into "what a church believes," we are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and this part of the ELCA website would give you some basics.)

Plan a Visit

Please use the form below to tell us you're coming and if there is anything we can do to prepare for you. Do you have any specific questions, any ways we can be more welcoming or would you like to register children for Sunday School. Just let us know and we'll be glad to see you soon!

What to expect at St. Paul's
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