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Online Giving Instructions

If it's helpful, you can leave this page open while filling out the Tithely form.

Thank you for your interest in giving online. It's very easy and safe to give online, which resources St. Paul's for God's ministry!!

  1. In the upper right corner you can create an account which makes it even easier to give in the future.

  2. Fill in the amount and the fund to which you want to donate. If you are donating for a special project or event, select "Special" and in the "Note/Memo" section you may share for what purpose the gift is given.

  3. It is also a wonderful blessing when you click the "Recurring Giving" button. This repeats your gift at whichever interval and on what date/day that you select.

  4. Enter the information for your name, email and phone number. 

  5. Select "Card" for a credit or debit card or "Bank" to have funds drawn from a checking account. Figure 1 displays the "Bank" screen which is the most cost effective method of giving. (All credit cards charge a higher percentage surcharge.) Note this figure also displays all information which you need to scroll down to see.

  6. Figure 2 will help you identify your routing number and account number on a check. In the box to the right, select "Individual" or "Company".

  7. When the "Cover Fees" button is selected, the giver pays the modest fees instead of St. Paul's. (You will see those fees reflected in the total amount at the bottom.)

  8. You may use the note/memo section to provide any additional information and the Member ID to use an envelope number.

  9. Last of all, you click the give button and it will confirm your gift.

  10. For those that choose to give via credit or debit card, Figure 3 shows this screen which differs in that you enter your credit card number, expiration date and CVC number that appears on the back of the card. All other information is the same, including the options to pay the fees and make the gift recurring. (You an also chose to give via Google Pay.)

  11. If you click the "Remember Me" button you can setup an account to simplify future giving.

Thank you so very much for giving online and resourcing the many blessings that daily take place at St. Paul's!

Figure 1

Figure for Bank.jpg

Figure 2

Check Illustration.jpg

Figure 3

Figure for Card.jpg
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