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St. Paul's Preschool

We can’t say enough wonderful things about St. Paul’s Preschool. They truly have been amazing for our daughter. We were lucky enough to have our daughter in the 2 year old program with Mrs. Englehardt before the pandemic came upon us. This year, we got to have Mrs. Englehardt again for the pre k 4-5 year old program! She and Mrs. Mozier are very attentive and compassionate! We are so thankful for them! St. Paul’s Preschool is very friendly, caring and clean! Great place to send for learning!  Will miss seeing these wonderful teachers next year! 
Off to kindergarten we go!  - Bridget M.


I cannot say enough good things about St. Paul's preschool.  We have had years of good experience there with the 3, 4 and 5-year-old programs.  I am an educator myself and stayed home with my children for several years.  I decided to get my feet wet again so I substituted at St. Paul's when my children were in school.  Although I loved it before, I really got to see the "inside scoop" and it is truly a wonderful place.  The teachers go above and beyond to ensure that each and every child is in a safe, fun, loving learning environment.  They work hard thinking of creative themes and activities so that the kids are learning, but having fun at the same time. These women are not just there for a job but are there because they love children. They truly teach with their hearts and give 110%. Hands down St. Paul's is the best pre-school in the area!!  -Chris Hunter


When I think back on St. Paul's Preschool, the first thing that comes to mind is that you have such caring teachers and helpers. I felt like I was leaving my daughter in good hands and she looked forward to going on preschool days. She met friends that she is still in touch with today. The kids learned so much and they had fun while they learned. There were field trips and special events like the Mother's Day Tea that I still have such wonderful memories of 6 years later! You really captured so many moments with artwork and photos that our family will have for years to come. We are blessed to have had such a great foundation for her education.  -Nicole

Sending my son to St Paul's Preschool was the best decision that I ever made for him.  Everyday that we walked in those doors, I knew that he was being loved and cared for at school just as I love and care for him at home.  Not only was he sad to "graduate" from St. Paul's, but I was as well.  My son started out at St Paul's as a very quiet and reserved 4 year old and after 2 years his confidence grew by leaps and bounds. He was, without a doubt, very prepared for elementary school.  -Christie Hissrich


St. Paul's is the best.  We feel so blessed to have had our two sons attend these past few years.  I can't believe I wrote my last St. Paul's preschool check this week.  SAD!  Thank you for your excellent everything! -Fondly, Jessica and Eric

Our three boys attended St Paul's Preschool and had a wonderful experience!! The teachers were so warm and caring and it was a great first-school experience for all of our boys. The years they had at St. Paul's made the kindergarten transition easy. The pastors have been wonderful over the years and the congregation is so welcoming.  We are members of the church, and our boys have great memories of their years at St. Paul's, which began at age three.  -Jill Dietrich

We feel so blessed to have found St. Paul’s Preschool.  The caring teachers and aides taught and nurtured our children with so much love and support – it was such a wonderful environment.  We moved to the area when our oldest daughter was 3, and were immediately referred to St. Paul’s by other moms in the area.  They were so right! St. Paul’s provided a fun, yet structured environment for our children to play, learn and grow.  Our older daughter was fortunate enough to spend one year here, while our younger daughter was the lucky one who was able to spend 4 years (starting one day a week in the 2 year old program, and finishing up in the pre-K class 4 days a week).  I still display many of the crafts that the kids made at St. Paul’s, and even framed the hand prints/poems that they made for Mother’s Day.  We have and will continue to recommend St. Paul’s to other parents, knowing that they too will be blessed by their years at St. Paul’s Preschool.  -Kim Ade

We moved to Chester Springs in the November of 2002.  We immediately began a search for a new preschool for our then four year old daughter.  As we searched, we heard from several neighbors and friends that we had to check out St. Paul's.  I am so glad that we took that advice.  Our daughter's experience in the Pre-K program could not have been more perfectly tailored to her needs. Mrs. Venezia was able to meet the needs of each of her students academically, socially and emotionally.  Our daughter entered Kindergarten the following fall and was more than prepared in all areas.  We were so pleased with our experience that we immediately enrolled our son in the two year old program for the following year.  Every aspect of the St. Paul's program was a delightful experience. Our children were fed intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.  The caring staff members took time to communicate with us and were responsive to any concerns and questions.  I would, without hesitation, recommend St. Paul's."    -Kathy Collier

St. Paul's has a very well rounded preschool program focusing on the children and helping them to develop some of the first real friendships of their lives.  It is a very caring, loving and nurturing environment to be a part of. David is still close to people he was in preschool with. At 16, he still remembers quite a bit about his time there, including bringing in his favorite books to share with the class, very nice teachers, and making great arts and crafts and having lots of fun on the wonderful playground! He remembers sitting in a circle listening to stories read by his teacher and sharing. When I asked him something he learned he said "social skills".  I, personally remember the field trips, they were fun too, and were a different kind of learning tool for the children. 
Although academics was not the main focus (which made me happy - they have enough of that when they get to school), David was very prepared for kindergarten.  Throughout the time of fun, they were also gently learning what they should be to be prepared for their future.  Everyone at St. Paul's seemed to work together so nicely and it was a very comfortable, healthy atmosphere.  Personally, it was the perfect fit for us and it did give David a great start in life!  Thanks! -Jane Beard

We have been at St. Paul's Preschool for six years, and we love everything about it. The teachers are all very loving and kind, and they really take the time to get to know each child as an individual. Our kids have always been excited to go to preschool in the morning, and at pick up time they can't wait to show us what they've been working on. The school does an excellent job of allowing the children to learn and develop through play, crafts, singing, reading, and fun. St. Paul's has been like a second home for our children, and we feel blessed to have found such a special place for our children to begin school.  -Maureen

​Both of our children attended St. Paul's Preschool up through the 5-year-old program. Each day we went to school was an adventure in fun and learning!  The children were embraced by the loving care of the staff. The activities and crafts were so creative.  (We still display our preschool artwork during holidays.) The children couldn't wait to go to school and be with their friends and teachers. As parents, we never wanted the experience to end and we still long for those cheerful days watching our kids grow and develop with God's love at St. Paul's. Now that our children are in elementary school, we are even more convinced that those early years prepared them well for what was ahead. When our son received extra high marks on his report card in the "Makes Good Choices" line item, we knew that St. Paul's Preschool was part of that success! As parents, St. Paul's Preschool was definitely one of our "good choices" as well. -Dan and Kirsten McCurdy

​As you are aware, we've been having our daughter evaluated by all variety of therapists/agencies, etc. to find ways to understand some of the behavioral challenges she's thrown at us. I know that you already know how wonderful your teachers are and how wonderful I think they are - but I wanted to write and let you know what I'm hearing from the team of professionals I have coming to the school. We have had a child psychologist from the Child Study Institute, two behavioral therapists and an occupational therapist from the CCIU out to observe her in class. Each one of these therapists has (independently) come back to me to report that the fact that our daughter has been so successful in school to date was solely due to the way Diane and Kim interacted with her. They all said that they truly seemed invested in making sure she was successful and were very effective and neutral in helping her work through any problems. They were all amazed at how well the classroom ran. The OT was thrilled with how Diane and Kim would present things differently to her to ensure her success with a project. I have been told repeatedly how fortunate we are to have a set of teachers that are so in tune with our little girl. When we started down the road to realizing we needed to get our daughter evaluated, it was Diane and Laura who I turned to for advice and their ability to make me stop hyperventilating in a corner. Diane has worked with me every step of the way - calling me at home on nights and weekends to make sure that our daughter's needs were being met. She has adapted based on what we are learning about her as we go. I cannot tell you how comforting it is to know that when my daughter goes to school she is with people that love her and want what's best for her. To say we feel blessed in having found St. Paul's and your amazing teachers is an understatement, and I am so thankful to have both of my girls go through your school. -Sincerely,  Kathy 

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