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2024 Stewardship Campaign

St. Paul’s has so much to be thankful for! After some rough years, especially with the pandemic, things are going well! People are gathering back at worship, new folks are joining and we have a new Vision for the future! God has indeed been good to St. Paul's in the past and we trust will continue to bless us in the future! In fact, the theme this year is Celebrating the Past, Present and Future! 

This is traditionally a time of the year when we as a congregation fill out an estimate of giving for the next year. This provides the leaders of St. Paul’s an accurate estimate for next year’s budget to fund the many teams and ministries. In addition to our current ministries and fixed costs, many of our teams have new ministry ideas provided by the proposed Vision Plan.

We are asking every family to complete this estimate of giving for 2024 so our council and ministries can plan for the future. For some this might be a brand new faith step to make a commitment for God’s work at St. Paul’s. For others this might be something you’ve done in the past and want to continue. For either, we know this will be a blessing to you and for our ministry together.

We thank you for all you have done in the past, are doing in the present and for the future into which God is leading us! Definitely if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the church staff through the form below!

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